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Eco Balance Acumats

Acupressure Mat Natura Line and Cotton Orange Eco Balance Acumats Length 72 cm + Pillow + Carry Bag

Acupressure Mat Natura Line and Cotton Orange Eco Balance Acumats Length 72 cm + Pillow + Carry Bag

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Created from natural materials, the ECO BALANCE ACUMATS was designed and produced in Poland. The concept of our ecological acupressure mat was developed based on suggestions from physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, and acupressure enthusiasts to meet the expectations of even the most demanding individuals. The materials used to make the mat were carefully selected, and their producers strictly control their quality. We pay special attention to every detail, no matter how small. We want our product to be not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing and meticulously finished. The set includes: an acupressure mat, a spike pillow, and a convenient bag.

Are you suffering from back pain? Do you struggle with muscle tension, have trouble falling asleep, feel stress and nervous tension, and additionally are looking for a mat made in Poland from natural materials? ECO BALANCE ACUMATS is a perfect fit!

ECO BALANCE ACUMATS massage How does acupressure massage work?

✅ Reduces muscle tension

✅ alleviates back pain

✅ reduces pain during sciatica

✅ loosens stiffness in the neck

✅ improves blood circulation

✅ alleviates headaches and migraines

✅ aids falling asleep and alleviates insomnia

✅ positively affects better sleep quality

✅ improves well-being

✅ helps reduce cellulite.


The ecological, European acupressure mat was designed for individuals dealing with various types of pain, muscle tension, or sleep problems. ECO BALANCE ACUMATS is characterised by sharp spikes, it's a medical product - completely safe to use and hypoallergenic. The properly profiled spike pillow enables neck and neck massages. It also works well for massaging the lumbar spine and feet. The entire set will be fantastic for people who spend a lot of time sitting, professional drivers, and athletes. Additionally, it will be suitable for those seeking relaxation and stress relief, including those who opt for natural, ecological products! ECO BALANCE ACUMATS - what sets it apart?

Europe production - it's the only eco acupressure mat produced in Poland, ecological material - the set was created from eco materials such as natural linen, coconut fiber, buckwheat husks, sharp spikes - almost the biggest advantage of the product is the spikes, which are characterised by high sharpness, high quality - the mat was created with attention to the smallest details, hypoallergenic - the spikes are made of hypoallergenic HIPS material, medical product, without glue - the spikes were heat-bonded to the material in the heat adhesion process, mat, pillow, and bag included, decorative box - the entire set is placed in a decorative package, making it perfect for a gift, the bumps on the pillow are placed in such a way as to perfectly adhere to the cervical spine, so each spike affects a specific area of the body, functional shoulder bag - made of thick and soft linen - also excellent for shopping! available in universal colors perfect for everyone - everyone can benefit from the health benefits of Akumata ECO - regardless of age, gender, or level of advancement, certificates: materials have OEKO-TEX certificate and bio certificate, 5-year warranty - we are confident in the quality of our mat, so the product warranty is up to 5 years. Polish ecological akumata eco set Ecological materials of the European ECO BALANCE ACUMATS

Linen-cotton fabric - light, durable, pleasant to the skin, and soft to the touch. It ensures proper air circulation - the body does not sweat during the massage. Coconut fiber - one of the lightest materials in the world, consisting of 65% air. Durable, tear-resistant, flexible, and elastic. It does not emit dust or other substances that could negatively affect the respiratory tract. Suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Buckwheat husks - hypoallergenic material preventing the development of bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and mold. It has cleansing, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Buckwheat husks as a filling make the pillow perfectly fit the body shape, reducing muscle tension.

ECO BALANCE ACUMATS natural materials


Registered medical device - confirmation that our ECO BALANCE ACUMATS is safe for the skin, and its regular use brings many health benefits. BIO certificate - confirmation that buckwheat husks come from Polish BIO crops, OEKO-TEX certificate - confirmation that linen-cotton fabric and coconut mat have been tested for the presence of the 100 most dangerous substances threatening consumers, are free of chemicals, and resistant to various factors such as odors, sweat, saliva. How to use the acupressure mat?

To achieve the most satisfying effects, regular use of acupressure massage is recommended. By spreading the mat on a flat surface, such as a mattress or floor, just a few minutes a day is enough to notice the first effects. The mat can also be spread on a chair, for example, at work in the office.

Beginners in acupressure therapy can start with a 10-minute session, gradually increasing the time on the mat every day. The first moments on the mat may cause some discomfort, especially for those who are just beginning their adventure with acupressure. If the feeling is too intense initially, we recommend spreading a thin material on the spikes or wearing a shirt. Tingling and burning will turn into a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation after a few minutes. The contoured pillow works perfectly under the cervical spine - it relaxes the muscles and stiffness of the neck. The pillow can also be placed under the lumbar spine or under the feet. After acupressure massage, skin redness may occur, which is a completely natural symptom.

Recommended lying time: 20-40 minutes a day. Contraindications for using the acupressure mat:

Acute inflammations, burns, skin diseases and high skin sensitivity, blood clotting disorders, taking anticoagulant medications, cancer (consultation with a doctor), pregnancy / breastfeeding (consultation with the attending physician). Before using ECO BALANCE ACUMATS, read the leaflet or consult a doctor or physiotherapist. If any disturbing symptoms occur during or after using the mat, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Take care of the hygiene of the mat, cleaning it manually, and storing it in a dry place.

Mat parameters: Guarantee 5 years Production Poland Width 43 cm Length 72 cm Thickness 2 cm Number of spikes per rosette 31 Number of rosettes 221 Number of acupressure points 6851 Material natural linen and cotton Spikes hypoallergenic HIPS material Filling coconut fiber

Pillow parameters: Width 30 cm Length 40 cm Thickness 7 cm Number of spikes per rosette 31 Number of rosettes 73 Number of acupressure points 2263 Material natural linen and cotton Spikes hypoallergenic HIPS material Filling buckwheat husks

Bag and box parameters: Bag Width 40 cm Length 40 cm Thickness 9 cm Material natural linen Box Width 40 cm Length 40 cm Height 15 cm

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