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Eco Balance Acumats

Acupressure Mat Black-Gold Eco Balance Acumats Length 37 cm + spiked pillow

Acupressure Mat Black-Gold Eco Balance Acumats Length 37 cm + spiked pillow

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In the set: Black-Gold Eco Balance Acumats + spiked pillow + Box

Are you struggling with constant back pain and tension and stiffness in your neck? Is your body overloaded, causing you to feel unwell? Or perhaps you dream of relaxation and body relief? Using Eco Balance Acumats will be a perfect solution! Acupressure massage, among other things, alleviates pain, reduces muscle tension, restores strength, and strengthens the body. This excellently crafted acupressure mat was designed in Europe with attention to every detail so that even the most demanding customer would be satisfied with it. Additionally, it has been registered as a medical device, which speaks to its high quality, safety, and effectiveness. The set includes a spiked pillow - the whole set is packed in an elegant package for easy storage. Eco Balance Acumats - foot massage - black-mint

What sets Eco Balance Acumats apart?
✅ high sharpness of the spikes,
✅ produced in Europe,
✅ high-quality material - 100% cotton,
✅ hypoallergenic spikes made of ABS plastic,
✅ effective for many different ailments,
✅ it's a medical product,
✅ excellent for both beginners and advanced users,
✅ original black-mint color,
✅ set with an acupressure pillow,
✅ Eco Balance Acumats is also available in other colors and in a larger size (long black-mint Eco Balance Acumats)

Eco Balance Acumats - abdominal massage Who is the acupressure mat for?

The mat with spikes will be useful for everyone struggling with: back pain and other parts of the body, sciatica, muscle tension, headaches or stomach pain, insomnia, cellulite and stretch marks. Eco Balance Acumats is perfect for office workers, physically active people, professional drivers, and all those who spend most of their day in the same body position. If you're dealing with chronic stress, depression, feeling unwell, or irritability - this mat will also be for you! Acupressure massage - effects

Contraindications: taking anticoagulant medications, heart conditions and blood clotting-related conditions, hypersensitivity and skin diseases, skin irritations and damage, sunburns, tumors. If you have warts or moles, they should be covered with a plaster during the massage. Black-mint mat - relaxing massage

How to use Eco Balance Acumats?

The acupressure mat should be used so that the spikes press directly on the body. At first, this may cause discomfort, so for those starting their adventure with acupressure, a 10-15 minute massage in a thin, cotton shirt is recommended. Over time, it should be extended to 20-40 minutes a day on the mat. Eco Balance Acumats can be used in a lying position (on the floor or bed) or sitting (e.g., on a chair).

Foot acupressure massage on the mat also brings relaxation and adds energy to action. During the massage, you feel a pleasant warmth, and right after it, you can observe redness on the skin. However, this is a completely natural phenomenon that should not be worried about. Included in the set: Black-mint Eco Balance Acumats spiked pillow cover black-turquoise Eco Balance Acumats cover Mat parameters:

Production Europe :
Width 43 cm
Length 73 cm
Thickness 2 cm
Number of spikes per rosette 42
Number of rosettes 210
Number of acupressure points 8820
Material cotton
Spikes ABS
Fill sponge

Pillow parameters:
Width 15 cm
Length 37 cm
Thickness 10 cm
Number of spikes per rosette 42
Number of rosettes 45
Number of acupressure points 1890
Material cotton
Spikes ABS
Fill sponge

In the set: Black-Gold Eco Balance Acumats + spiked pillow + Box

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